Tongue Tied

Do you ever get the feeling that you are trying so hard to say something, but nothing comes out?

You want to confess to the person you like that you would do anything for them, yet the only two words you can muster up are “what’s up?”

Maybe you want to seem cool in front of a new group of colleagues, but are silent the entire time in fear that you may say the wrong thing.

This week it’s felt like this for me.

It feels like my tongue is glued down and talking seems like a daunting task.

It feels like I cannot be my true, authentic self because of this matter too.

Even now, I can’y even put together the words I want to so badly confess.

I could blame the moon and my astrological signs and their placements for this, but that would just seem weird.

Something is keeping me from being….me and I am having a hard time figuring out what it is specifically.

Usually I can talk until my mouth hurts, but this time not so much.

Does the universe not want me to speak right now?

Or am I just afraid of what I might say if I do open my mouth?