Growth Starts Slowly

I’ve been trying to work on myself for awhile now.

Five years to be exact.

Every time I think I have myself down, I learn something new about me and the whole growth process starts over again. I have always seen this as a bad thing, but why?

Why do I presume that after some self-reflection and meditation I can stop working on myself?

Why do I think it’s a bad thing when I need to start the growth process over again for the 100th time?

I have been taking time to think a lot about these plaguing questions and have come up with an answer that I am sure others can attest to: we are constantly growing and learning and need to attend to ourselves every single day.

We will never be perfect. We will always have flaws that plague us and our quest to become that better version of ourselves.

But you see the thing is is that flaws aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Flaws make us human. They shape us to who we grow and become throughout the years.

How can we ever grow and better ourselves if we are not constantly learning new things and failing along the way?

Personal growth is a very weird and interesting thing.

On the one hand I feel like our society see’s growth as a bad thing and perpetually tells us through media that you HAVE to be perfect in mind, body and spirit to attain the things you want most in life.

But that’s not realistic at all.

I believe that even the wealthiest, most beautiful human being on the planet still has their own flaws and tries to work on themselves constantly.

Or maybe they don’t. Who really knows.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that growth is a slow and steady process and it doesn’t happen in just a day.

Growth takes times and patience.

It takes really digging deep within your soul and finding certain areas to hone in and work on.

I am constantly growing and learning.

I am always seeing new things in me that I love and some that I don’t, and that’s okay.

Growth starts slowly, and that’s alright with me.