Here We Are Again...

Well here we are again.

After a long period of not posting after my last somber write-up, I have come back with a rather joyous update on my life!

I have moved back to the bustling, beautiful city of Los Angeles and have a new job under my belt! I am pursuing my dreams of becoming an editor by working as a production assistant for an entertainment called New Wave Entertainment. It's a lot of running around and grunt work, but I know it will get me in front of the right people! 

Even though I am so excited to start this new chapter, I obviously am still missing my life back in the Bay Area. I left behind so many friends that I considered family and memories that stemmed from the streets of San Jose. I also miss being able to drive to Red Rock and getting a free coffee everyday or going to fun coffee tastings. 

I know that my new life starts down here and that while I am a few hours away from all my loved ones, I am thrilled to see where my journey will take me and who I will meet along the way!

A have a few goals for myself while I'm here living in the City of Stars (excuse my corniness). 

First of all, I want to save up enough money for myself so that by the end of the this year I can hopefully buy my own spot. I am so lucky to have such supportive parents who know that I need time to save money and also get situated into my new job and such. Even though living back at home has its challenges, it is still rewarding to be able to be close to my mother, father and sister again and start anew!

Secondly, and I think most importantly, I want to become more prominent on this platform. I find myself getting spurts of inspiration and wanting to share with the world but then also falling into uninspired times. I feel like when I sit down to write, I have all these thoughts in my head but then actually getting to the writing part haunts me and makes me shut my computer down (hence why there so few blog posts on here). I want to get over this fear of expressing myself by consistently telling myself that this is a platform not just for my audience, by ultimately for myself. Even though the theme of this blog is all about coffee and caffeine culture, I want to also make it a spot where I can come and vent out any feelings or frustrations I may have as well. 

This path I am going down right now is wide open, and I have all the time in the world to saunter down the glorious road ahead. 

(I also wanted to add photos to this long post, so enjoy some photos I took from a coffee tasting I attended at Red Rock a few weeks ago! The coffees this season were robust and fruity and the tasting itself was run by our lovely coffee guy Brian Keefe from Verve!)