A Little Bit About Me

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Taylor Jones and I am a recent college grad who is now living in LA. While I am not working as a production assistant at New Wave Entertainment or slanging coffee on the weekends at Romancing the Bean, I am out taking photos of everything from the beautiful faces I see on the street to the street itself with its variety of artwork and flair. 

My love for photography stemmed when I was in 6th grade. My father, whom I get most of my creativity from, worked for a production company in Los Angeles and would travel everywhere for his job. While he traveled, he brought along with him a Nikon camera and would shoot anything and everything he saw. When he came back from his travels, he would sit me down and show me all of the fascinating scenes he captured while he was away. I quickly took interest in photography and would borrow my fathers camera every chance I could, taking after him and shooting photos of the world around me. Fast forward a few years and my hobby turned into a full time passion. I have learned to take my camera with me everywhere I go because you never know what might pop up. 

Photography for me is more than just seeing a pretty sight and snapping a photo. It is about capturing the emotion and essence in that specific moment. It is about telling a story, whether it be narrated by the organic world or by yourself. It is about not being afraid to showcase what is truly going on in our world and wanting to make a difference through the lens.